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Taos Winter Report 2015

Here you will find a list of what Taos has to offer the intrepid traveler; hand-crafted beer, locally-sourced produce, buffalo, trout and lamb, and a music-scene that continually fires on all cylinders. I've been ruminating this past fortnight on what should be included in this post, and while acknowledging this list may not be exhaustive, it represents what can confidently be put forth as among the best experiences in the area.
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Andrea Schulte Cooks up Green Chile Cheddar Ham Scones

A regular vendor at the Albuquerque Downtown Growers Market and the Albuquerque Rail Yards Market, New Mexico Pie Company offers a vast selection of baked goods, from pies and tarts to quiches, wedding cakes, cookies, and French macarons (delicate meringue cookies in a range of flavors: salted caramel, pistachio, grand marnier, and others).… Read More

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World Class Dining: James Beard Semifinalists

Considering our rich agricultural heritage, it should be no surprise that New Mexican food is eclectic and of high quality. After all, people living along the broad banks of the Rio Grande have cultivated crops to feed communities for thousands of years. We are also one of the most geologically diverse areas on planet Earth, which may very well explain the unique terroir of New Mexican cuisine. We are also the location of the New World’s first fusion cuisine, which I like to call Sixteenth Century Indigenous American Iberian.
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Amore Serves History, Pie by Pie

Amore is comfortably utilitarian with clean lines and a modernist feel that's also warm and inviting, and there's a true sense of self there that defies the improbability of Vera Pizza Napoletana in Albuquerque.
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Cooking up Economic Development for Rural NM

Something is stirring at the Mixing Bowl, the community commercial kitchen at the South Valley Economic Development Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This small food business incubator will celebrate a decade of success in 2015 by asking the New Mexico State legislature to fund development of a dozen other similar kitchens throughout the state. If funded, the La Cocina Initiative will help a dozen existing, underutilized commercial kitchens in rural communities in New Mexico build out programming based on the successful Mixing Bowl model.
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Santa Fe Hard Cider Company

Longtime cider drinker and owner of the Santa Fe Hard Cider Company, Michael Zercher grew up in Pennsylvania where cider-making was a time honored fall activity. Michael was an enthusiast, but it wasn’t until a job relocated Zercher and his family to Switzerland that his real excitement for the fermented apple beverage ignited.
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The Art of Slow-Crafted Travel

"Our target was not exclusively food: we wanted to bring back the tango, the umbrella, and to celebrate a leisurely daily pace." - Folco Portinari, architect of the Slow Food Manifesto on the beginnings of the Slow Food ideology. Times are changing, and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of travel, as global economics have considerably slowed the tide of tourism witnessed in the boom decades of the late-eighties/early 90's and earlier part of the 21st century.
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The road to winter

Ahead stretches the long road through winter- mile after mile of bleak landscape and little change in terrain. It is time for the gardener to take a rest in the passenger seat- feet up on the dashboard and weary back hugging the seat. Her right hand, resting on her belly, is rough. The tiny trenches in her palm are still full of soil from her last stop—pulling down plants, chopping them into pieces, mounding them on the beds, layering leaves and manure. Cementing it with water. Her parting gift was cover crops- winter wheat, hairy vetch, fava beans.
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In Memoriam: Juan Estevan Arellano

"It is a memory of a certain landscape that invades my dreams, tortures me when I'm awake, knowing that in a generation or two this landscape will be a thing of the past." - Juan Estevan Arellano, Enduring Acequias
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