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The New Epicureans: Santa Fe Culinary Academy

Looking for an unusual dining experience in Santa Fe this month? Consider The Guesthouse. This temporal restaurant, open for a short time in April, May, and June, is part of the learning experience at the Santa Fe Culinary Academy (SFCA), a unique new trade school run by chefs Rocky Durham and Hillary Ginepra, and entrepreneur Erica Peters.
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Join Edible at the Southwest Summer Institute

Join Sarah Wentzel-Fisher for the a course in the Summer Southwest Institute and experience the diverse flavors of New Mexico through an exploration of the working landscapes and people that produce our local food. Examine the historic and contemporary food cultures of New Mexico, from farm to fork. Students will engage critical local and national perspectives on food systems; tour farms, commercial kitchens, and restaurants; sample foods, and document the intersections of food, culture, and economy.
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Barrio Brinery

It’s been four months since Santa Fe native Patrick Block opened the doors to his fermenting headquarters, Barrio Brinery. A true culinary specialist; Block prepares and sells four varieties of pickles, as well as escabeche (a spicy Mexican relish) and sauerkraut.
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Between Dream and Ecstasy: Apollo, Dionysus and the Art of Jonathan Blaustein

As a blogger for the NY Times as A Photo Editor, Jonathan Blaustein uses his intuition to cut to the heart of the matter with verve and a confidence that thoughtfully illuminates the broad variety of subject matter thrown his way. The writing's allowed him to examine the artistic process from idea to finished product through the eyes of the pundit, giving him a more rounded view of his own work and the artistic impulse.
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Ranch Diaries: Tiny living, 23 miles from town

We had a taste of tiny living before moving here: I spent eight months living in a smaller camper outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico, and we spent a summer together in a far more rustic camper when we managed a herd of 1,000 goats for weed control in Montana.
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Video: The Shop Breakfast & Lunch

The shop is a hip and happening breakfast and lunch joint located in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque just across from UNM. Owner Israel Rivera has put his own spin on the breakfast and lunch scene with gourmet dishes like the shrimp and grits which consist of organic stone ground grits, wild caught shrimp, bacon lardons, sauteed greens, fried egg & green onion. Unique and carefully sourced dishes like this are gaining The Shop popularity in the city.
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Verde Juice Celebrates Second Location Downtown with Open House This Week

Verde Juice Company, a four month old locally owned business already established in Santa Fe’s midtown neighborhood on San Mateo Street, has opened a second location inside Collected Works Bookstore at 202 Galisteo Street in downtown Santa Fe. The cold-pressed juice company’s expansion to a second location provides fresh, healthy juice options in the downtown area, serving locals working in the area and tourists looking for that perfect Santa Fe something. The open house will be held on Wednesday April 8, from 5-7pm at Collected Works Bookstore.
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Video: Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria

This is the first in a new edible video series called Table Hopping. Our first stop is Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria. Albuquerque's only "AUTHENTIC" Neapolitan pizzeria. Both Kim and Gabriel Amador the owners of Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria located at the corner of Girard and Central across from UNM are certified Pizzaiolo's by the Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani which is the governing body in Naples Italy established to preserve the culture of Naples and it's pizza.
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Spring has sprung in Taos, and even the post-snow mud has dried, paving the way for a memorable spring and summer. However... while it may be sunshine and fun in town, up in the ski valley a deep, formidable base depth of 64" can have one still thinking winter wonderland; mostly due to a late February storm - the largest in a decade - which blanketed the area with more than 70 inches of fresh powder.
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Ranch Diaries: Ways to reduce the inevitable risks

Since we unloaded our first steers in November, we’ve built our herd to about 600 animals. They’ve ranged all over the 30-square-mile Number 5 pasture, utilizing it well. Now we’re getting ready to move them to the south end of the ranch, where the other part of our lease is. After gathering the steers into a smaller fenced trap, we’ll take two days to drive them 20 miles across the ranch to another pasture.
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